Half Tone Photo is a photography business currently based out of Lexington, Kentucky, but also servicing Louisville and the surrounding areas of both.

The name of the studio comes from image print processing used for old comics, in which the size and spacing of small dots creates gradients of colors when viewed from afar. While the studio doesn't print photos like comics, the name alludes to the potential of small dots (pixels, in our case) to create images that inspire something even greater. Daily life, when captured just so, can seem even more fantastic than reality, and Half Tone Photo aims to make every client the star of their own story.

Sarah Wagner is a graduate of the University of Kentucky, founder and photographer at Half Tone Photo. She graduated this spring with a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture and English and is off to Boston in the fall to study for a Masters of Architecture at MIT. Photography has been a long-time side interest, mostly cataloging life, from world adventures to late nights building models. 

Half Tone Photo will be moving to Boston in August (for the school year) and back in Louisville over academic breaks.

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